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Sustainable Fuel Solutions

Fuels and feedstocks with net-negative carbon intensity.

IOGEN pioneered the commercial production of clean fuels from biological resources more than 35 years ago. Today, we’re a world leader in carbon-negative fuels, working across the value chain with solutions for biogas producers, fuel refiners, blenders, distributors, and fleet owners.  

Iogen Icons BioGas

For RNG and biogas producers...

IOGEN opens up new markets for both RNG and raw biogas producers through our global relationships and specialized capabilities found nowhere else.

RNG Offtake Agreements
IOGEN offers RNG producers multi-year offtake agreements (complete with compliance management services) that maximize the value of their product and protect against price risks.

Raw Biogas Development

IOGEN offers raw biogas producers new opportunities to market their product with our breakthrough technology that unlocks the potential of biogas that is geographically stranded or too small to develop economically.

Iogen Icons Refiners

For refiners...

IOGEN offers refiners and other obligated parties strategic solutions to help meet the regulatory requirement for renewable content.

Drop-in Fuel Production

IOGEN enables refiners to make drop-in fuels from RNG. Our solutions include the technology, the carbon-negative feedstocks, the regulatory compliance expertise and even the market access required to turn existing refineries into thriving drop-in renewable fuel production facilities.

Fuel Credits

IOGEN offers refiners turnkey multi-year fuel credit supply agreements with robust compliance management support.

For blenders, distributors and fleet operators...

IOGEN provides low-carbon and carbon-negative fuel products to companies that use or market finished fuels so they can meet the growing demand for renewable content.

Drop-in Renewable Fuels

IOGEN offers renewable gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel made by “refinery co-processing” of RNG feedstock.

Fuels for Natural Gas Vehicles

We work directly with fleet operators and gas distributors to supply low-carbon and carbon-negative RNG that can be used directly by any natural gas-powered vehicle.

The fuels of the future. Today.

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